Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love this picture!

Me and my friend Jess at Boulder Resevoir last Thursday. (Not bad for a photo taken by Jess... a "self portrait" of sorts.)

There is now another photo (link) of some of my party fun provided by my friend Richard in the comments. Thanks, Richard! ha!


At 4:48 PM MDT, Blogger Lidarman said...

Boob Job? Same party!


Save this because I will be deleting it later.

At 8:54 PM MDT, Blogger Rocky Mountain Rat Girl said...

Crap... I cannot view the pic for some reason! Even with "cutting and pasting" into my browser. WTF??

I hope I can get it from you via E-mail before you delete it!!

At 7:34 AM MDT, Blogger Rocky Mountain Rat Girl said...

I worked my way through photobucket and found it. Oh... My... God!

And that's after less than 1 cup of beer. I'd be out of control if I really started drinking again. hahahahaha


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