Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Fighter, my "Runt" House Finch - (UPDATE)

Here's Fighter, all grown up! (You can see her picture(s) of when she kept being kicked from the nest, and I kept putting her back in... posted previously.) Once all of her siblings flew from the nest, I was fairly certain she would not survive alone in the nest she was repeatedly being kicked out of. So, I took her to Greenwood Sanctuary, where she was raised the rest of the way... from incubator, to indoor aviary, to outdoor aviary (once she could fly and find food on her own), and she was released in Berthoud, CO in July with several other House Finches from the sanctuary.

I'm so happy that I made the extra effort to try and save this little darling's life... as she ultimately DID live, as you can see here. =D THIS was why I named her Fighter... I could tell she wasn't going to give up easily... she just needed a helping hand.

I hope her life with her new birdie friends in Berthoud is a long and wonderful one!


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