Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boulder Velodrome helmet cam track session 1-24-09

This is my friend Ryan riding at the new Boulder Velodrome w/ a helmet cam on. These bikes have no brakes, and when you stop peddling, the bike stops going. Makes for a challenging bikeride I'd say. And the corners are at a 45 degree angle...CRAZY but awesome to watch.

Sucks that there's no sound!!


At 1:42 PM MST, Blogger Bilko said...

here's what could be up for you...

- a story from ESPN about "track Camp" - athlete ID stuff from ColoSpgs.

-Bilko in Seattle

At 9:45 PM MST, Blogger Lidarman said...

Wow, cool Stuff. Rob was going to ride there. Did you go?

At 12:14 PM MDT, Anonymous Colorado Health Insurance said...

This looks pretty cool, I would like to try this.... Why did you disappear on here? You should come back and blog some more because you have some fun articles to read.


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