Sunday, September 14, 2008

RIP Caleb (Approx. June 2006 - September 11, 2008)

My 2+ lb. boy, Caleb, had to be helped to "The Bridge" last Wed. as he was suffering terribly from an acute case of Mycoplasma. He could barely breathe (would gasp through his mouth from time to time), and had even stopped eating and drinking. Everything combined helped with the final decision to take him to his doctor and help end his discomfort.

I'll write more of his story when it doesn't hurt so much, and when I can write the short version. In the meantime... Caleb, you were loved very much, you made me giggle, I loved holding your large, squishy body, and I miss you... as does your Foster Mom, Francoise.


At 9:46 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, Sorry to hear, Amy. Caleb was one of my faves.


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