Wednesday, December 07, 2005

George RIP (Approx. May 2004 - Dec. 7, 2005)

I had to make the unbelievably difficult, yet unselfish decision to put little George to sleep and end his suffering. His respiratory infection was getting worse, he had begun gasping through his mouth... and rats are nose-breathers.

My Vet is so amazing... I showed up 1/2 hr. before they even open... he was shoveling the parking lot since his "person" didn't show. I pulled up without an appointment, and he brought us in right away, so most of our time there was before office hours, (as far as his exam and the euthanasia goes). I was there longer though... trying to digest what I had just done, seen, etc.

George was my first rat, he slept in his cage by my bedside for the last month of his life, and I will miss him dearly. He will never be forgotten.

These three pictures were taken a week before I had to let him go.


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