Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not Time Yet

I am not positive it is "time" for George to go to the Bridge just yet, I believe he is still enjoying life a tad, so I'm taking the decision making process day by day. Though I think he's getting progressively worse, so if "we" (he and I) haven't decided by Sat. what to do, I'll be very surprised. (I've decided against a deadline, thanks to a good talk with my to-be-brother in law, "J." Apparently "he'll let me know" when it's time." And, after a chat the other day w/ "Duane," I have realized that I have to make this decision based on what's best for George, not for me.)

He's stopped eating his baby food, even his favorites (lamb or liver), which is what all his meds are mixed into, so I know he's not going to get better. I've even tried "tricking" him into eating the mixture by mixing in Cheerios or Yogurt Drops, but that's not really working either. He's continuing to drink and eat his dry food, and he's grooming his tail right now... so he's still bathing too! What a rollercoaster ride...

Must be his time to sleep now... he's curling up in his bed.



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