Friday, June 16, 2006

Nature's Awe

I'll never get so caught up in my life's daily pressures that I don't stop and appreciate the view...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Summertime at My Place

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yesterday I spent some time with my youngest Sister K, and my Brother-in-Law J, at their place. I cannot stay there very long, due to the fact that they have a dog, and two cats... of which I'm severly allergic (I'm asthmatic) to both. (Dog came with J, cats came with K.)

Well, I'm not a so-called "cat person," by any stretch of the imagination... they scare me, they creep me out, I just don't like them. I have rats as my beloved pets, six of them... and I wouldn't trade them in for anything. Again, not a cat person. However, I really do like dogs (NOT all breeds), but try to tell myself that I don't like any at all... since I cannot ever have one of my own anyway. (It helps a bit if I think I really don't like them that much anyway. Strange? Probably.)

So much for this way of thinking. So much for thinking that dogs really aren't all that great and I'm not missing anything by not being able to have one of my own. So much for pretending to be unaffected by not being able to snuggle up to a dog and say hello, by not being able to really pet a dog and not have to worry about the repurcussions, by not being able to hang out at the homes of family / friends that have pets. I AM affected. It hurts. Riley has helped me realized this, more than any other cute dog that I've taken a great liking to... (Henry from the dog park across the street, Kyla's Leroy, etc.). Damnit, I wish I could have a dog! *pout*