Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Love my Birds too!

I not only have an amazing love and affection for rats, but I also have a special liking for Cockatiels... of which I have three.

Sophie's 9 yrs. old (a grey and yellow speckled Pearl Cockatiel), and her mate Lestat is somewhere around 11 yrs. old (standard yellow-headed Grey Cockatiel ). They both had their physicals yesterday... which included having their nails and wings clipped. Now they can have "free-range" time with me, just like my ratties do. These pictures were taken during their playtime today... partially spent hanging around on my coffee table. I don't know if they enjoyed themselves, being out-and-about, but I had a good time playing with them.

Then there's Phil (white-headed Grey Cockatiel), who is about 7 yrs. old, and he is not at all tame or friendly. He just hangs out in his cage and sings a lot. Then, when I am feeding / watering / cleaning his cage... he hisses at me. Such the charmer. haha He's very pretty, nonetheless. His physical is in a month... should be interesting. I hope Dr. McCluggage doesn't lose a finger or an arm. =-0

Friday, February 16, 2007

NERVES, etc.

I guess you could say I'm a mental mess today. My oldest and dearest rattie (from my original "bunch,"), who is now approx. 3 yrs. old, is dying a slow death. I don't expect her to make it through the weekend... maybe not even the next 24 hrs. She's breaking my heart, though I'm doing all that I can to try and make her comfortable until she goes...

On top of that sadness, I'm a huge bundle of nerves. This afternoon I have to go and have my yearly CT Scan / Angiogram. It's time to check my heart... my Aorta specifically, and take a peek at my Mitral Valve (which was repaired, twice, in Sept. 2000). This test is uncomfortable... though pretty fast once they get the IV in place... and waiting for the results keeps me on edge. What they find, or HOPEFULLY, DO NO NOT FIND wrong, means the difference between another open heart surgery, or living life until my next test... my next checkup.

I hate this!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Morning's Frost - Saturday 2-10-07

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day...

... somewhere between Hell and a Holiday.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday Night Out

Lisa, Rob, and I went to The Reef last night. Wow, what a blast that was! It's one of those "dueling piano" type bars where there are two pianos facing one another, with a set of drums in the corner.

Each table gets sheets of paper and a pen to write their song requests on... for the guys on the pianos to play / sing. The three musicians rotate, typically 2 at a time on-stage, and boy can these guys play! They even play the drums, all three of them.

Some of the songs are played as they are meant to be played, and some of them are improvised with made-up, amusing (and sometimes R rated) lyrics. They also have audience participation with some of the songs, as well as a dance that everyone stands up and does. (I tried, but became totally lost on that silly damn dance.)

It's a nutty place, great atmosphere, and talented musicians. I know where I want to have my 40th birthday this July!

I had such a good time hanging out with my longtime friend Rob and our new friend Lisa... I hope to do it again soon.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another New Addition!

Meet Mr. Wrinkles. I rescued him from a possible lifetime of low-maintenance care, and no interaction, from P*M* this afternoon.

Something different about him? Really? hehe Yes, he's one of the more rare type of ratties, he's a hairless rat. He barely even has any fuzz on him, pretty much just curly whiskers.

**I'll be looking up the allergies associated with hairless rats. Hopefully I'll be less allergic than I am with my others... or at least no worse!!

He's approximately 6 mos. old, though they never know for certain when rescuing from a pet store (flesh peddler). He's a definite sweetheart... no biting, no aggression. In fact, while I was holding him at P*M*, he started bruxing like crazy in my hands! (The rat's equivalent to a cat's purring.) That's when I knew he needed a home, and that home would be mine.

My plan is to have him neutered, and then he will be healing during his 3 week quarantine period (something you should always do when bringing a new rattie into your home when there are others living there). I then would like to start the process of introducing him to my other neutered male that is living alone, Holden. If all goes well, and without the issue of testosterone, I hope they will get along over a period of time and can then move in together. Rats are much happier / healthier when living in pairs or groups... they aren't solitary animals, no matter how much human interaction they receive.

Only the face a mother could love? Well, I do! Welcome home, Mr. Wrinkles!