Thursday, September 28, 2006

Me vs. Bed Frame


Amy - 0
Bed Frame - 10

"Don't you hate it when your furniture fights back?" DD

Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Addition's Brother

On Tues. I DID go and get Hardy's brother from that pet store, and I have named him Caleb. After a brief reintroduction that they had to go through... smelling each other and rolling around... then some pinning down and "power grooming" of Caleb by Hardy, they are little buddies. And, it has been determined that Hardy is the Alpha rat. They also have two very different personalities, which is good. Keeps me giggling and on my toes. They look a lot alike, until I flip them over... it's almost like having twins! haha I did figure out that Caleb's back feet aren't as white / pink as Hardy's... they are more greyish... so that really helps in figuring out who's who.

I'm glad I went back to get the brother. Not only so they can be together, but because I realized that they were being mistreated... NOT SURPRISINGLY! When I got Caleb, the owner of the shop picked him up out of the aquarium BY THE TAIL! That's something one must NEVER, EVER do! It pulls muscles that lie beneath their tail, and it's mistreatment of these little creatures. I let the lady know this as well. (Like that wasn't bad enought... they're kept in aquariums (very poor ventillation), and they were living on pine bedding (which causes Upper Respiratory Infections in rodents, which leads to Myco / Pneumonia). IDIOTS! Needless to say, they are both sneezing, and therefore are both on antibiotics.

Here's a couple of pics of Brother Caleb in my pillowcase. (And, yes, he WAS sitting up like that. haha)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

RIP Peanut (approx. March 2005 - Sept. 23, 2006)

First thing this morning I took Peanut to see Dr. Bock (our Vet), after two days / nights of difficulty breathing. She wasn't exhibiting most of the other "typical" signs of an Upper Respiratory Infection / Myco, but her sides were heaving as she'd try to breathe, and she was very lethargic. One of her cagemates, Abby, had been sneezing and a little wheezy, so I started all three girls on Baytril three days ago.

After the examination was over and Dr. Bock went into the next room to read the nose / throat cultures, I put Peanut down on the table for a moment and she started making movements with her mouth like she was choking, then more like she was trying to breathe and couldn't. I picked her up quickly to see what was wrong and she jerked herself out of my arms and onto the table... then started running around, panicked. I grabbed her and she was losing control, I had to hug her next to me with both hands, as she was jerking and clawing... like she was trying to get away... then, her whole body went limp in my hands.

I knew what had just happened. Peanut had just died.

I didn't know what to do so I yelled out to Dr. Bock, who came in right away. I told him through tears, "I think she just died!" I had placed her on the table right before he came in (since I was in shock and crying... didn't know what to do), so he picked her up and rushed her to the back. Our Vet Tech went also... I was left in tears, and waiting, alone with my other two rattie girls.

About 10 minutes went by and Dr. Bock returned with my dear Peanut in a cloth. "I'm so sorry, I did everything I could." They gave her oxygen, chest compressions, an Epinephrin shot, and a Calcium shot... nothing could bring her back.

I'm trying to believe that I didn't scare her to death, literally, by taking her to the Vet. Had I not taken her, and had she passed away at home in another day or two, I would have been kicking myself for not taking her in. This was so unexpected, and such an unpleasant and non-peaceful way for her to leave and go to The Bridge.

I'm so sorry, Peanut. I will miss your little Dumbo rattie ears, your cute little pear-shaped body (kinda like a furry seal), and your ruby eyes dearly. You won't ever be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Me? Exercising?

Tonight was Day 2 of my new exercising regimen... in order to try to lose 5-8 lbs. or so (and get my heart a little healthy). I can now ride my bicycle inside, at home... AND while watching TV, looking out the window, or listening to loud music. I'm much more likely to stick to such a plan.

Thank you so much for the gift... (you know who you are).

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I've been thinking a lot lately... about lies / lying. What constitutes a lie? Must a lie be a deliberate non-truth being told to be considered a lie? Is it typically in response to a question? Can it be a lie simply by omission? Omission of details, omission of information? (The "lying by omission" thing is something I believe strongly in, by the way. It's been done to me many-a-time.)

Not only WHAT constitutes a lie, but WHY do people lie? I've heard various reasons and excuses, like... "I didn't want to hurt you." "I didn't think it was a lie if I just wasn't telling you." "It was just a little "white lie," which isn't really a lie at all." And there are those that will deny and deny that they've lied at all, even though they clearly have... and it's often scary how convinced they are (with themselves) that they didn't lie, and how convincing they can sometimes be to others. And don't forget the pathological liars... what fun that can be when you know one (or more) of those.

I've been working my way through Season 2 DVDs of Grey's Anatomy, making sure I have seen all the episodes before the Season 3 premier next Thurs., and the following lines were said:

"But, here's the truth about the truth...
It hurts.
So... we lie."
Grey's Anatomy
All things considered, I'd rather be told the truth and have it hurt, than be lied to and deceived.

New Addition

So... I went to a pet store early this afternoon... which is a necessity sometimes (something I try not to do... ESPECIALLY when they sell animals. And even more especially when they sell animals that I have a passion for as food for other animals!). I went all the way to Louisville because they are the only place I know of semi-locally that sells something called Ivermectin. It's made for the use in horses, to treat worms and the like... but in a very tiny amount can be used to treat mites in ratties. I suspect my rattie Holden has them, so, I had to go to this store.

Well, I ended up rescuing a little boy rattie, and I'm hoping that due to his very young age... and the young age of Holden, that they will become buddies and cagemates! I had to leave this new rattie's brother behind... which saddened me. (I hope he finds a good home, and does not become snake food!) *sigh*

This little boy is a blackish-brown Dumbo, and I fell in love with him when I was holding him (originally, just to say hello... give them both some love), and I saw he had a white patch on his belly in the shape of a heart! Needless to say, I left with him and the Ivermectin.

He is the most tiny little boy, no larger than a mouse! He's less than 2 mos. old they said... he's so fragile. He's been sitting here grubbing on everything in his food bowl. hee hee His favorites seems to be Rice Chex and Cheerios.

Anyway... I hope that after his quarantine period is over that the procedure of introductions to one another is a success. Otherwise, I'll have to take this boy back. *Not going to happen!* :( My fingers are crossed that they will get along. (I had been introducing Holden to the three girls I have, but I have an elderly girl... and he can get a little rough / playful... so I'm going to try this instead.)

I have named him Hardy... (like, heart-y... because of the heart on his belly).

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

"Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)" by Alan Jackson

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day
Out in the yard with your wife and children
Working on some stage in LA
Did you stand there in shock at the site of
That black smoke rising against that blue sky

Did you shout out in anger
In fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry
Did you weep for the children
Who lost their dear loved ones
And pray for the ones who don't know
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below
Did you burst out in pride
For the red white and blue
The heroes who died just doing what they do
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself to what really matters

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you
The difference in Iraq and Iran

But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith hope and love are some good things he gave us
And the greatest is love

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day
Teaching a class full of innocent children
Driving down some cold interstate
Did you feel guilty cause you're a survivor
In a crowded room did you feel alone
Did you call up your mother and tell her you love her
Did you dust off that bible at home
Did you open your eyes and hope it never happened
Close your eyes and not go to sleep
Did you notice the sunset the first time in ages
Speak with some stranger on the street
Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow
Go out and buy you a gun
Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watching
And turn on "I Love Lucy" reruns
Did you go to a church and hold hands with some stranger
Stand in line and give your own blood
Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family
Thank God you had somebody to love

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell youThe difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith hope and love are some good things he gave us
And the greatest is love

I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you
The difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith hope and love are some good things he gave usAnd the greatest is love
The greatest is love
The greatest is love

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Mystery Rose

I found this red rose lying deliberately next to the cactus on my patio table this morning. It's so pretty, and made me smile! If only I knew who left it there for me... and WHY. (?) I wish I knew so I could say thank you...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bella Luna

Two more nights until the moon is full...

Ashes to Ashes

I have finally found / assembled the perfect resting place for the ashes of my four dear ratties that have passed away over the past year. I love how they turned out... though it wasn't easy for me, emotionally, to get them all pieced together and such. (If I had a yard I'd bury them... but being as I own a condo, I don't have this option.)

RIP Gwen, Li'l Man, Chance, and George... (starting at the top going counter-clockwise)

Monday, September 04, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter" has died...

I read this first thing this morning on Comcast Internet News:

I have been watching Steve Irwin's show for years, (and even had a few dreams about him... I cannot explain my subconscious.), and reading about his death made me cry.

RIP "Crocodile Hunter"... you will be missed by your beloved crocodiles, friends, family, and "fans." I'll be seeing you in reruns... *sigh*

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Will This be Me?

The World's Shortest Fairy Tale
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?"
The girl said, "No" and the girl lived happily ever after...
went shopping, dancing, drank martinis, always had a clean house,
never had to cook, and stayed skinny.
The End.

New Phone!

Here's my Saturday morning blog from Geekdom.

I got a new phone! I got this awesome phone yesterday (with 6 different ring tones to choose from... how exciting!), to replace the one I had in my livingroom previously. (Stop laughing, Duane.)

I like this phone so much that I'm going to splurge and get another one for my bedroom to replace the perfectly fine one I have there... but I like this new one better. (It's smaller, a couple more fun features, etc.) Then, here I come Craig's List! And, no, I won't be selling the NASCAR phone! :)

Am I growing up? *GASP*

Words of Wisdom

I'm not a religious person, though I do believe in God. Here's a few words of wisdom that I am working on being mindful of during my recent (yet temporary) feelings of lonliness, sadness, and frustration:

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.
Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.