Friday, May 25, 2007


Due to being down for the count all week long with a case of Pneumonia (pre-empted (?) by a Bronchial Infection last week), there has been no update on my painting project.

Last weekend, my condo did get painted. I mostly sat around taking care of my 9 month old Nephew (due to being ill), while K&J did the painting. They will be coming over again tomorrow to give the darker color it's 3rd and final coat, and finish up some of the detailing. Again, I will be babysitting "G," since I'm still recouping and need to continue resting. This sucks, because I would prefer to be more of a help with the actual painting, rather than feeling like a slacker!

My "job" for the week was supposed to be getting more paint, some additional supplies, and finishing up the "cutting in" work that is necessary. This obviously hasn't happened, since I've been home all week (out of work even)... in bed or on the couch. :(

I'm looking forward to tomorrow... getting this project finished up, my things put back where they belong... all thanks to having more help than I'd ever expect. Thank you again, K&J!

Thank you also to "S" , Tom, and Ma... for bringing me food and keeping me company here and there while I've been ill.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Despite the fact that I'm battling a Bronchial Infection, and have been for 4 days now, I'm going to paint my condo today! My youngest Sister K, Brother-in-Law J, and my Nephew are coming over this morning after G's swimming lesson and they are going to help me get this done. (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH K&J!!!)

I've been wanting to paint the livingroom, diningroon, and kitchen since I moved in... that was two years ago. It just seemed like such a daunting task for me to tackle on my own, so I have kept putting it off.

Despite all of my coughing, and my "Demi Moore" (yeah, right!)... more realistically my boy-going-through-puberty voice... we're going to get this done today. Wooo hooo! =D No more plain, boring, blah white walls everywhere!! *jumping for joy*

Well, I better make sure I have put that lovely blue painter's tape on all the trim, countertops, cabinets, etc., and make sure all my shit is together before they arrive.

I'll post some pictures of the finished product, for anyone who may be curious about what types of colors I've chosen. hehe (If you know what types of colors I like to have my nails done... then you may get an idea. And if you don't know... it's not pale and subdued.)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Vote for Caleb!

I have entered a picture of one of my handsome boy rats, Caleb, in a "exotic pocket pet" Photo Contest for the month of May. There's some stiff competition it seems, (especially with Hank, the rat in photo #7, who is pulling ahead in votes quickly)!

Please vote for Caleb... he's photo #1!

You can vote once a day... please keep voting!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dog Walking!

My next door neighbor / friend, Tom, has a dog named Draco. He's a rather large dog... part German Shepard, part I forget. He's getting up there in age, though I cannot recall (geez, am I having memory issues this early in life?) how old he is, but I think it's around 12.

If you know me, you know that I have a severe allergy (asthmatic) to dogs and cats. This REALLY sucks for me, since I'm an animal lover, and I especially love dogs... and my ratties of course, which I'm also severely allergic to (but they are caged and the dander is minimalized, etc.).

I recently asked Tom if it would be alright for me to take Draco for a walk sometimes, and he said YES! For the past week, I've walked Draco almost everyday... either after work (if Tom worked the evening shift), or during my lunch (if Tom worked the day shift).

Tom thinks I'm doing him a favor... I don't think he realizes that he's actually doing ME a favor. With being able to walk with Draco, I am able to spend some quality time with a wonderful dog... petting him, talking to him... and at the same time, we're outside where there's no dander / saliva / dog hair buildup. After our walks, I sit with him on Tom's patio or mine, and Draco and I hang out for a bit. (Draco doesn't usually like to go right back inside, which is clear as he stares at the open door. haha).

After my "Draco time," I must wash my hands really well. If I don't I may get hives, and my eyes will definitely get all red and itchy if I accidentally touch them. And I think the antihistamine that I take daily helps a little as well. :)

The happiness this brings me in indescribable, and I hope Draco enjoys it as well.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

How Sexy am I?

Based on six or seven questions about my hands, according to the Sex Gage ( I'M STEAMY!