Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Lifestyle

Back in January I started a trial membership at 24 Hour Fitness. The goal? I need to lose the fat that has taken up residence around my midsection! I'm small boned, and most of me is considered to be "skinny," but my middle has become a bit, well, chubby. "Muffin top" anyone?

Needless to say, I went to the gym often during my trial membership and ended up joining. I was going about four times a week and now it is down to about two or three. (I took a three week "break" due to not feeling well and needing to take a "stress test," per Doctor's orders.)

I'm going to the gym again, which I don't enjoy, but, I've now been able to quantify some results! These results came due to my change in diet. (Thank you Dr. Oz... and You: On a Diet.) I haven't even embraced everything there is to know yet, I've merely cleaned out my cupboards and fridge / freezer of all the "bad things" and basically started over... eliminating only five ingredients from what I eat.

This sounds like it's not that difficult, but when shopping for pasta sauce with no sugar, it can be a challenge. Or, finding 100% whole wheat bread without one, or sometimes two of the key ingredients I shouldn't be eating, that's even more of a challenge. Yes, grocery shopping does take a bit longer now, and it is also more expensive. The payoff, however... I have seemingly lost nine pounds! Nine pounds in less than two months... hooray! In fact, more like one month or so.

There is a mystery however. Where is this weight coming from? I still have the same size belly / waist! And, well, my bras fit the same also. haha Thank goodness it's not coming from there!

Now, mixed with working out, I hope to be able to SEE more of a difference in my body's appearance, other than just the happy feeling of weighing myself. It should be easier now to continue going to the gym and eating better now that I know it makes a difference in my weight... overall body fat... even if I cannot see it just yet.

Along with all of this EATING BETTER means, making stuff at home. And, well, I don't cook. I've shown an example of how I was eating if I made something for dinner at home (see casserole picture above... loaded w/ cheese, hash browns, cream of mushroom soup, etc.), and how I am eating at home now (Capresi... tomatoes, basil, fresh mozarella, and balsamic vinegar). I had the capresi last night and it was delicious! Not to mention, it filled me up just fine.

Onward... and may the progress continue!