Sunday, December 31, 2006

On-line Dating?

A man (and I use this term lightly) contacted me via anonymous E-mail last night / this morning, and this is how it went:

On 12/30/2006 11:34 pm MST, Chris wrote:You caught my eye, how do you like to be contacted?

On 12/31/2006 06:10 am MST, you wrote:Thanks but I just don't think we're a good match. Take care. (This guy has 3 kids that live at home full-time, and a dog... which means he didn't bother to read my profile at all!)

I figured that my "thanks, but no thanks" would suffice, but he turned nasty. I actually let this punk of a mean-spirited person hurt my feelings enough that I cried. It's hard for me not to justify his comments with a response of my own... but, I won't stoop.

On 12/31/2006 07:07 am MST, Chris wrote:
Your right! You belong in a straight jacket anyway! Not to mention that when you fell out of the ugly tree, you hit every branch on the way down!
40 and never married? No wonder................
I bet children and dogs don't like you either!

I would never bother hating you and I see why nobody would love you!

** Though I think I hide my occassional feelings of self-dislike quite well, there's often something that creeps up that makes it harder to hide. This would be one of those "somethings." Friends and family wonder why I am less than thrilled with being single, having no relationship potential in sight, and never married at 39... they don't understand why it's such a drag for me. Unfortunately, this man's opinion isn't all that unusual... and it hurts. **

OUCH! :*(

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why be "Anonymous?"

I really look forward to, and appreciate the comment(s) that people make on my blog, but why disguise who you are? I just don't get it...

Sometimes there is a clue in what is written as to who the person is. When this is done deliberately, so that I will know who it is, but the rest of "the world"... potentially... will not, it doesn't bother me AS MUCH. When there is no clue, no innuendo, then it frustrates me.

Really... why be "anonymous?"

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pain vs. Misery

At church on Christmas Eve, the following quote was diplayed during the sermon. It has somehow stuck with me... perhaps because I've been miserable lately?

"Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional."
Barbara Johnson
Could this be true? Is it optional?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Updated Photos - Hardy and Caleb

Here's brothers Hardy (right) and Caleb (left), at approx. 5 mos. old now. They are the Dumbo Rattie boys that I rescued from a feed store in late September and posted about on here. They have gotten so much bigger, and are so filled with personality... each have their own (one's very mischievious - Caleb, and one is more hyper and likes to play with me (and picks on Caleb too) - Hardy). I loved these pictures enough to post...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Neighbor's Murder Monday Night, 12/18/06

I've been debating on how to / whether or not it was appropriate to write this particular blog entry, but I've decided I need to. I woke up early Tues. morning to the horrifying news that a neighbor of mine (he had his business (and his home above it) right behind my condo / carport) was murdered just outside the night before... apparently over his car! (This all happened at 9pm... I arrived home from the pharmacy somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30. Too close for comfort in my eyes...)

Some fucking punks decided to test-drive the Porsche he was selling, and when they returned, decided not to negotiate, but instead to: Rob him, his business, shoot him in the chest, stab him in the back of the neck four times as he lay in the street face down dying from the gunshot, and steal his car. All in the street in front of businesses, and behind where people live. In a location that I have to see everyday... everytime I leave or come home... I will always remember that an acquaintance of mine from the neighborhood was shot and killed there.

I am tormented by the images... the description of what happened, the crime scene tape, the spatters of blood that remained on the front of one of his work trucks that was parked out front, the police officers everywhere all day Tues., the news crews staked out here, etc. Our quiet little neighborhood has become a media circus crime scene. *sigh*

Tuesday morning I bought three long-stemmed roses and went to place them on the still-growing memorial on the step of his business.

Rest in Peace, Sergio. We knew each other in passing, as acquaintances / neighbors. I will always remember your smile, your quiet friendliness, (your amazing physique), and how much you loved your two little dogs. I enjoyed seeing you walking often with them, in the field near your shop. This is the image of you that I will keep with me.

NOTE: Both murder suspects, and an accomplice, have been caught and are now in custody with Police. (One was tracked down in Denver, the other two in Kansas).

Blizzard 2006

"Snow Day" today! Woo Hoo!

Top: My friend / neighbor's truck after digging out during yesterday's Colorado Blizzard, but getting more snow overnight.

Bottom: Neighbor digging out...

** 20" of snow at my place, and still snowing. **

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mohawk Anyone?

Sunday mornings alone can be dangerous...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Here's Izzy!

There pictures aren't very good... I tried to take them when she was resting this morning (no flash to disturb her). If she's not resting, her head is thrashing about (mostly upward / backward), and she's moving quickly and irradically in circles. Poor thing, it must be so frustrating. (She's much more peaceful looking when she's resting or sleeping.)

She likes spaghetti though! And, oatmeal too. :)

I spent an hr. with her in my towel-covered bathtub last night, trying to get her to trust me, and to enjoy being held. It seemed to work after a while. She likes to be held in both hands, her whole body supported in my palms, and I have to hold her neck in a special way so when she starts moving around it doesn't snap back and hurt her. I think I found the perfect hold... and she bruxed (the same type of thing as purring for cats) for a long, long time. She relaxed, and I was happy.

Anyway, here's my new little girlie... to have and to love.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rattie Rescue

Yes, against everything I know about my asthma and my newfound allergies to my beloved rattie friends, and everything my Dr. told me... I'm still becoming part of rescuing a very young female rat at lunch today. (And then there were five...)

I'm uncertain as to her age, though it's VERY young. Apparently the pet store (ACK!) has been told by their Vet that she has a Neurological "issue," and not an ear infection, like originally suspected. She will most likely need some special care, special cage setup, etc., but I can't bear the thought of her eventually being euthanized (due to being at the pet shop for too long, since no one else seems to want her), or to chance her being snake "food" (they're giving her away at no-charge!).

My friend Cindy, who also has a passion for rats, picked her up last night and will hand her over to me at lunch today.

I have already named her "Izzy." Izzy, because I've heard she has a hard time walking in a straight line, so she must be a bit dizzy... Izzy dizzy. I can't wait to see her... I hope I can make her comfortable and give her a happy life for as long as she lives it!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Babysitting... (Yes, I did)

I spent about 3 1/2 hrs. with my 5 yr. old Niece, "E," at my place this past Saturday... I was babysitting while the rest of her family went to my Bro-in-Law's Holiday party for work.

I picked her up at her house and brought her to Boulder. We had a great time together... walking over to Joe's to get a decaf latte (she LOVED watching Nick make it, especially the heart on top), spending time and learning about my animals (ratties and birds), ordering pizza for brunch, watching TV in my room (for fun... since my TV is hanging from my wall), and playing in the snow at the park across the street.

Emma wanted to watch the Disney Channel, which I didn't even know I had. We ended up watching a couple of shows... something about "Manny," some Hispanic Handyman, and... "MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE."

As I'm watching these shows with her (between tickling her and reading my latest Cosmopolitan) I ask her... "E, why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants?" Note: Goofy, a dog, wears drawers... and so does Mickey, a mouse. She takes about two seconds and says "Because... ducks don't wear pants!" "Ahhhhh, that's right," I said.

Moments to remember... *smile*

Thursday, December 07, 2006


"One remains the same until the pain of remaining the same exceeds the pain of change."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Most Women are Mean, Back-Stabbing Biotches... "Seriously?"

** "Most" does not mean all. **